Amla Natur sets standards for the safety and quality of ayurvedic products

Safety & quality of our ayurveda products

Premium ayurveda organic products at favourable prices, directly from the importer.

Amla Natur Vertriebs GmbH has been importing ayurveda herbs from India for 15 years. Our experts have developed their specialized knowledge of the cultivation of ayurveda herbs in India over two decades.

Our management

From the raw material check, up to the final control, every product is subject to a multilevel control system. Our team of experts on ayurveda plants and pharmacology visit growers and manufacturing facilities in India to choose the best quality organic products.

During this process they put emphasis on traditional aspects of ayurveda plant growth, meticulous cleaning of the raw materials after the harvest and the method of drying (to preserve raw food quality the temperature during drying should not be higher than 42°C).

We don´t buy from intermediaries, only directly from the producer. We also assure transparency of the manufacturing processes by having a local presence. To verify authenticity, the goods undergo sensory tests by an ayurvedic pharmacologist. After that, and before being exported to Germany, all goods are checked for purity, freshness and content of herbal ingredients (phytochemicals).

In Germany our quality manager takes samples of each batch and has them checked by an accredited laboratory for harmful substances [heavy metals, microbiological contamination or mycotoxins (e.g. mould fungus toxins)].

In addition to that, all products are checked by an accredited food chemist to establish the conformity of ingredients and the composition of the ingredients to the German and European legal guidelines. Thereby we fulfil the requirement of the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

Guaranteed high content of phytochemicals

We offer pure, laboratory tested goods of the best ayurveda quality. Because of the way our herbs are cultivated and processed, they contain a high amount of secondary plant substances, which is verified in laboratory tests.

We import large quantities, which enables us to sell products at favourable prices.

We have several certifications:

HACCP Zertifikat
BDIH Zertifikat
COSMOS Zertifikat
Bio (Ökop) Zertifikat