Amla Natur – a combination of tradition and modernity

Amla Natur Company

Nestled in a park, the buildings are surrounded by well-tended lawns and sheltering trees. When you arrive and open your car door you will be welcomed by the smell of Indian herbs and spices. This is the moment when enlightened visitors know they have reached the home of ayurveda.

We offer more than 1000 products

From here, orders for our more than 1000 ayurveda products get sent to customers all over Europe. Amla Natur´s main focus lies in manufacturing. This is where tradition meets modernity.

From start-up to a market leader

The small one-man start-up company, founded by Buko Hartmann in 1997, developed into one of the largest providers of ayurveda products in Germany. The company puts particular importance on combining the traditional values of ayurveda with modern manufacturing standards.

The company is located in Drestedt, about 40 Kilometers south of Hamburg, and has about 35 employees.